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File Under: Holy Shit

Congratulations! I am very pleased to inform you that your application to the Master's degree program in Arts Management in the Arts & Administration Program (AAD) at the University of Oregon has been approved for Fall 2003.

That was in my mailbox when I got home tonight. Now I can't get this song out of my head. (I also enjoy this version, because Ice Cube tossed in, "Should I bust me a hoe?" And I've been wondering about that for a while now.)

Posted March 24, 2003 11:08 PM




Congrats, Meg!

Congrats to you! Hey, by the way, if you can't tqake your car with you to Oregon, I'd be more than happy to keep an eye on it for you!

Meg - I am so happy for you. You deserve this. When it rains it pours baby!
Enjoy. -CJ

wowzer. awesome news, meghan!

Don't hate, Congratulate!!! Nice work Irish girl. I just got into a Masters program up here and the feeling you get when you open that letter is unbelieveable. It's just like Cube says, "Life ain't nothing but bitches and money."

My brother emailed me earlier to ask if I was going to "abandon the tribe." I thought I'd give my response here, since I'm sure you're all dying to know. ;)

"If I was forced to decide at this very moment, I'd say no. But I don't have to decide until May, so I'm going to reserve my final decision for a while longer. I may see if they'll let me defer admission for a year.

I came up with the idea of grad school at a time when I was very unhappy with many areas of my life. I'm much happier now, and now that I have a job where they're actually going to let me write full time, I'd like to try my hand at it for a while before I go try something new. My burning desire for change has lessened. At the same time, I'd hate to look at myself in 10 years, sitting on the steps of a trailer in my muu muu listening to Garage Logic with a Kool hanging off my lower lip, and wonder what would have happened if I would have moved to Oregon or gone to Grad School."

Congratulations! I am so glad to find some *happy* uplifting thing on *somebody's* blog today.


p.s. I knew one of the coasts would get you eventually.

Whoo fuckin' Hoo! Right on... You so rock the house.

(and thanks for the song... I can't stop humming "should I cool it or should I blow")

Congratulations.. and hopefully your timing is perfect, with all the arts cutbacks right now.. when you graduate maybe the arts will have money again and be hireing like crazy.. THis is so exciting

Nice work baby. I was just out in Portland and I must say that is one cool town.


Jeez I go to sleep for 1 fuckin day and don't check in, and the whole world changes....WA2go!!!!!

P.S. The proper angle of deflection to propagate maximumize energy transference for catastrophic hoe busting is 27 degrees.

Jack, that is the funniest damn thing I've read all day.

wow.. I've got to be the LATE(lame?)est poster on this particular topic, but I guess it's been awhile. Congradulations!!