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Making Lemonade

I want to give a big shout out to Natalie who is doing a wonderful thing with Operation Civilian Support. I really admire that she was pissed off and she did something about it. (Unlike me, who was pissed off and somehow ended up at the Mall of America with Mopsa yesterday.)

Whether you agree or disagree with the current situation in Iraq, you can't deny that this is a good cause. Check it out. Nice work, Natalie.

Posted March 23, 2003 1:23 PM



Thanks, IG - I appreciate the linkage.

And hey, you got pissed off and went shopping - you're supporting the economy! That's pretty important, too, ya know. ;-)

I'm giving my donations to Oxfam's Iraqi refugee relief. The reason is that my tax dollars are already paying for the feeding, entertainment, and medical treatment for "our boys". Our tax dollars have also created the desperate situation in Iraq. Therefore, I am using my free money for donations to help the starving and sick Iraqi children.

that's cool, man. help wherever your heart tells you to, i say.