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I Was Wrong

Remember how I said I don't like St. Patrick's Day? Turns out I was wrong. Yesterday was pure magic.

1. My friend Jennie gave birth to a baby boy at 1:56pm: Martin John Nelson, III. He was 7 lbs. 14 oz., and 19" long. Yay for babies!

2. I got two pieces of real actual mail: a St. Patrick's Day card from Mopsa and an autographed ("To Meghan, I've heard good things...") Shag book from MJ.

3. With the death of Roxy, a new car was required. Meet Cookie. I drove her around with the top down last night even though it was only 40 degrees out. You have no idea how much I'm freaking out right now; I've gone from a 1994 Oldsmobile with 135,000 miles on it (which I've been driving for the past 7 years), to a 2003 Volkswagen with 30 miles on it. I took a really, really long route to work this morning just so that I could drive a little more.

4. Caryn's flight back to D.C. was cancelled, so we went to dinner with Becca at Gardens of Salonica. We had the place nearly to ourselves because apparently people don't eat Greek food on Irish holidays.

It feels wrong to have had such a wonderful day when such awful things are afoot (link courtesy of wildsoda).

Currently watching this System of a Down video (link courtesy of Jeremy), and counting my blessings over and over and over again.

Posted March 18, 2003 11:05 AM



Yes, it was a great night. Cookie really did her part to sauce up the evening. I think the frostbite on my cheeks from riding in the back seat is starting to heal.

I was able to catch a flight to DC this morning - apparently fog in Minneapolis does not linger as long as the snow banks do. Then the cabbie and I had to do some fancy wheelwork to get me into Dupont because some Tobacco Farmer has flipped his lid and he parked his rig on Independence Ave. The cabbie was introducing me to Somolian cuss words to properly express how he felt about the impact this farmer was having on his work.

Luckily, the weather is perfect.

I get the distinct feeling that you'll never leave minneapolis - people aren't really making it easy for you! That car is *sweet dude. If I could get a new car every 115,000 miles, the car I'm currently driving would be 3 cars old. I wonder what that would convert to in dog years?

hot damn, girl. that car is SUH-WEET!

Yay - You got it!

Schwee-t! Nice ride chica. Nothin' better that a brand new car. I'm jealous!

Welcome to the world of topless driving!! (And no, if you are wearing the sash it does not count)
I am on my 3rd convertible and wouldn't dream of not having one in my world. And just in time for all the warm weather...Wooowoooo!!

P.S. Great name

seriously. if anyone has any errands they want to run -- i'm like a teenager that just got their license.

*beep beep*

well, actually, there is this ranch (D.H. Lawrence's) in Taos, NM, that I didn't get to see last time I was there... um, for a research errand, yeah.

too cool.. I love my convertable.. I am sure you will love yours too.. Topless MOtoring rocks..I swear I get twice the fresh air in the summer.. and just so you know.. there is no rule that says you can't run the AC with the top down on those really really hot days.

Wow! I am official jealous of you for my wife. She wants, dare I say lusts for, a Bug...especially a convertible...

i know the feeling. i started calling volkswagen two years ago asking when the convertible was coming out, and back when i worked in a cubicle, my walls were plastered with new beetle ads.

the wait was so worth it. except now that i have a car that i really like, it feels like all the other cars are about to hit me.