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Dead Wronger

While driving home from work today, I was listening to 93X. After the song ended, the announcer came on to say, "It's a Godsmack Iraq weekend! That's right, we've got tickets to the sold-out Godsmack show. When you hear the sound of bombs falling on Iraq (SFX: bombs falling), be the 10th caller to win. Unless the French veto you (SFX: annoying voice speaking in French then saying, "NON!")."

What the fuck? I mean, I can take a joke as well as the next person but that is just wrong. More wrong than Congress actually spending time and thought on changing French Fries to Freedom Fries, and I didn't think it could get worse than that.

I'm so incensed over this that my usually non-political ass is about to write a letter to the station. I did a little research and discovered they're owned by ABC. So if anyone else feels like raising hell, be my guest.

Posted March 12, 2003 9:30 PM



Is congress really doing that?
Are they going to change the process to "freedoming" instead of "frenching" as well?
That sound kind of petty for the supposed leaders of the free world.

the best way to make a complaint against a radio station is to actually make a tape recording and send it along with a letter to the FCC. otherwise, little to nothing (with a huge emphasis on the 'nothing') will happen.

Sound of one jaw dropping....THUNK

I know I can't believe Godsmack is sold out either.

Seriously, that makes me very very sad.

Just a reminder that ABC=Disney.

Always warms my heart to know how much a Disney company is contributing to the complete and utter annihilation of independent thought.

actually, aside from writing the fcc about something said on air, another more immediate way to make an impact is to listen to who advertises on the station and to who is taking part in promoting the concert. then call those local businesses up and say you and your friends will no longer be soliciting their business as long as they take part in this promotion.
also bombard (ha ha) the station switchboard with calls of your complaint.
i work at a station here in vancouver and if the advertisers get upset the station reacts. usually with haste.


having participated with Jeremy on writing letters and complaining.. the FCC doesn't care, the FCC is all W's buddies.. the station doesn't care, they have a monopoly, and the advertiseres only care if you get enough people mad at them.. basically people are too passive when listening to the radio. support community radio...not ABC Disney, Chancelor, Clear Channel.. etc etc.

Gseven, I take it you're saying they're Mickey Mouse, eh?

a) The FCC doesn't care. It's not illegal to be in bad taste.
b) KXXR doesn't care. Rock stations pride themselves on offending. ABC won't care, they've got much bigger problems than a pissed off poet. The advertisers probably won't care, unless you get a whole bunch of people at once, and they're a small business - and even so, they probably have so many $$ locked up in the promotion they couldn't pull it on such short notice.
c) I think the main problem with this whole "Freedom Fries" thing is that it doesn't make sense. If you replace the word "French" with "Freedom", it implies French=Freedom. Isn't that the exact opposite of what they're going for?

During WWI sauerkraut was called "victory cabbage" and Hamburgers (after Hamburg) were called "liberty sandwiches" and "patriot patties" but those never really caught on. The only one that stuck was renaming the frankfurter "hot dog"... food for thought.

I thought the commercial was funny, but I am dismayed at our inexorable march towards war.

Heh, this is only indirectly related, but I think it is less than humorous that the US is being blasted as "only going to war for the oil" when in fact Russia and France are the ones with the multi-billion-dollar oil contracts with Iraq.

93x will always cater to the middle-school kids, so don't expect anything above an 8th grade level from their DJs or execs. If that is a problem for you, switch stations -- if enough people switch to WLTE (hehe) then perhaps they'll get the idea.