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Nin Inch Nails

"There were always in me, two women at least, one woman desperate and bewildered, who felt she was drowning and another who would leap into a scene, as upon a stage, conceal her true emotions because they were weaknesses, helplessness, despair, and present to the world only a smile, an eagerness, curiosity, enthusiasm, interest."
- Ana´s Nin

Posted March 8, 2003 2:13 AM



Ah yes ...but she also said.."...to withhold from living is to die and that the more you give of yourself to life the more life nourishes you."

...And one of my favorite quotes..." All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances, and one man (or woman) in his time plays many parts.

I'm sorry I missed being at the slam tonight. How did it go and how did you do?

The show went well. Good crowd, good performances. I had never hosted a team bout before, so I feel like it took me a couple of rounds to get my bearings. But, I did okay. I'd like to do better next time; have better rhythm and banter and stuff.

Oh, and I had no sacrificial poet. *cough*

and didn't she also say "Two husbands are better than one" and something like "Damn, Dad is hot!"
Don't get me wrong, I love reading her stuff and she was amazing.

um, unless I'm mistaken, the "All the world's a stage..." quote is actually the great bard, (in As You Like It) and definitely not Anais Nin.

I'm sorry I missed the slam. Fridays are far too busy.

Thanks grid. I know that is a quote from "As You Like It".

I was perhaps careless when I identified it as one of my favorite quotes without attributing it to MS. I posted the Anais Nin thing and then followed it with "The Bard"

I assumed everyone reading here knew it was his. I thought the quote was on topic so I used it.

Sorry for any confusion...