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Jimmy Eat World

I've been in a bad mood all week. Matt was kind enough to invite me over tonight, so I went. He, Annette, and I ended up at Jimmy's Steaks & Spirits for dinner. It's the kind of place where, when new people (like us), walk in, the jukebox damn near stops.

It's also the kind of place where the guys wear one or more of the following:
- baseball hats that say either "Budweiser" or"Las Vegas"
- leather jackets with elastic waistbands
- Harley-Davidson jackets, shirts, or bandanas
- satin jackets that say "Vikings" on the back.

It's also the kind of place where exchanges like this happen:

Guy with bandana tied around head makes combination whistling/sucking noise with his mouth.
I look over, curious.
Guy winks at me.
I look away.
Guy continues with odd noise.
Matt, Annette and I all look over, curious.
Guy smiles.
Matt: What kind of bird call is that?
Guy: Uh...a jailbird.

It's also the kind of bar where you meet kickass dudes named Gary who have lived in the neighborhood since 1964 and can tell you all the shops that used to stand where the Target parking lot now lies.

I love places like Jimmy's. I just never want to end up as a regular, swaying slowly on my stool, belly up to the bar.

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The nice thing about Jimmy's is that it's everywhere. I mean that type of bar. So you can go to a new "jimmy's" type bar every night, always enjoy the ambiance, but never become a regular. Does that make sense????

yes, but if you become a regular you too can learn the secret sucking in whistling sound and be a member of that club.

I waitressed there in the late 80's and it used to be the type of place, on a good friday or saturday, it was packed and there was at least 2-3 good fights. There was usually 2-4 huge bouncers on the weekends and at first sign of a knock down dragout- they would hop tables and grab the offenders, then, with great glee, each grab an end and toss them out into the street. The waitresses were told that if a patron grabbed us, we could tell them to stop, if they didn't chill out, we could slap them. No fear of retaliation-not with our bouncer friends watching out for us. Very wild and very tough and very fun. Many times I was in the bathroom with a few of my fellow waitress friends smoking really good weed. Great fringe benefits! Too bad everything has to grow up or grow old.