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Slam League of Heroes

Friday night, I'm MCing the Midwest Poetry Slam League competition in the VIP Room at First Avenue. Last month's bout sold out the room. This month, it's Minneapolis vs. Chicago vs. Iowa City.

You should go. If you're nice, I'll let you buy me a cocktail.

Posted March 5, 2003 5:13 PM | On This Day: 2005



My friend has you on her links but I don't think she knows you...hmm...

Anyway, Minnesota just isn't in the same league as Brooklyn. Really. You don't have anyone east of Chicago.

Fuckin' New Yorkers!

But seriously, have you checked out the Bowery Poetry Club? It's on my list of things to do next time I'm in NYC. www.bowerypoetry.com

The Urbana Team (whose home venue is the Bowery) tied for first at this year's Nationals. www.nps2002.com

Which, incidentally, was in MINNESOTA and is widely regarded as the BEST THUS FAR. NYC has never hosted a National Poetry Slam.

So let's maybe say that Brooklyn isn't in the same league as Minnesota. ;)

Any word on times yet??

I am not yet sure when I will be done shooting...

but I still wanna be your....

Ah, my virgin male sacrifice!

Doors at 6:30
Music 7-8
Slam 8-9:45
2 featured poets after the slam.

So I'd need you at 8. Let me know if you can swing it, if not I'll spill your blood another night.

for those of you who don't know what jack and i are talking about and just think i'm creepy: at poetry slams we have a "sacrificial" or "calibration" poet who does the first piece of the night to get the judges and audience warmed up.

(but also, i am going to kill him later. shh.)

and to think you were worried about sounding creepy.

Just so you know, I prefer Sacrificial to Calibration. It sounds more romantic.

You know, killing me after I perform, sounds suspiciously like a scene in one of those National Geographic specials on Praying Mantis mating rituals.......... So I was wondering, does that mean you are going to use me for 38 hours straight until we are both spent, and then bite my head off when I can't continue, like on the show???