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Magic Carpet Ride

My great aunt Betty died last night.

When I was little, and being too obnoxious over at her house, she would tell me that the rug in her kitchen was a magic carpet and if I sat on it very quiet and very still, it would fly. That stupid trick worked every time.

We knew she was going to go soon, so I went to visit her this weekend to say goodbye.


my heart
breaks and mends
three times over before
i leave the room
kissing your forehead
smoothing my fingers against
your origami skin
folded and creased
with repetition, a lifetime of
smile and worry

watching my father
i cry as
he smooths your hair
holds your bony hand
glittery nail polish peeling
off and away
chipped and broken
like your
hip and heart

such a firecracker you were!
we all remember, we
can't stop talking about you
i can't stop hugging
my mother and there is
not enough kleenex for this


Posted March 4, 2003 10:59 AM