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Today was Beccalicious. We had breakfast at The Egg & I, and then went car shopping, as both of our vehicles seem to be falling apart one small piece at a time.

We started with Volkswagen, where we were completely ignored. Apparently their new slogan is "Drivers wanted. Except for you two shady-looking losers." So we browsed a little, grabbed some brochures, and took off.

We headed to a Honda dealership where we were not ignored. Rather, we were immediately approached by Johnny Pinkyring, an '80s throwback complete with linen blazer, semi-mullet, gold hoop earring and lines like, "So, you girls ever go clubbing?" (The answer to that question being, "No, and who calls it 'clubbing,' anyway?")

I test drove a Honda Civic Hybrid, which rocked my world. I only wish I could combine the spacey design of the Insight with the features and seating capacity of the Civic. Bec test drove CR-V which was pretty cool and very good for what she needs (something that can haul bikes, kayaks and the tribe). While she drove, I pressed all of the buttons. Twice. When I turned on the radio, Pinkyring piped up from the backseat, "Crank it up!"

Next stop was a Subaru dealership where I leaned over to Becca and said, "They all think I'm your girlfriend." She looked confused, so I explained to her that many lesbians drive Subarus. She had never heard this fact and did not believe me. I'm all like, "Did you not see that ad with Martina Navritalova in it?" Anyway, she tested out a Forester which was cool and had a kickass double-sized moonroof. Then we made out.

After dinner, we went to Sebastian Joe's for malts and then rented Tuck Everlasting, because we were in the mood for something light that I could knit to.

I really enjoy intelligent films for kids (maybe because they're so rare and are usually overshadowed by Mark-Kate & Ashley-caliber entertainment). This movie almost gets there but falls short in execution. It can't really touch The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, or Harriet the Spy. Oh, can't forget Time Bandits (just got the DVD for Christmas). And don't even get me started on Anne of Green Gables.

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God that was funny... And yeah, the whole Subaru thing. Sensible shoes and sensible cars. Get the Civic. Hondas are great cars. The missus had one for years until it was stolen. (I think it's #3 or something in stolen vehicles - okay so that's a downside).

Secret Garden - Best kids movie. Ever. I didn't know that Mary-Kate was going through gender reasignment... (that was too easy)

I can vouch for VWs. Have had two (one used, one new) and have been very very pleased with build, features (get those heated seats!), cost of ownership (very little), mileage, etc.

You forgot "The Princess Bride." Unforgivable.

I watched it Saturday night after "Run Lola Run" (which I hadn't seen before). Good flick.

a great kids movie seldom mentioned, the Iron Giant.

also check out saturn, I love the no haggle policy, although my jeep was the best buying expierence, they drove it to my house and I did the paperwork on my kitchen table, they drove off with my breaking down blazer.. and yes, I do have to drive the suv for work..

the princess bride: not technically a children's movie and so, not technically an omission on my part. but a great movie nonetheless, as is run lola run. the soundtrack to that very nearly makes my desert island top 5.

the iron giant: much better than i thought it would be. you have to respect a cartoon that can make you cry.

You're fogetting Shrek. That was a great movie too. Conflict, love, love lost, love regained, beauty for who you are not how you look. Lots of great life lessons. I learn something new everytime I see it.

re: kid movies: have you seen "spirited away" yet? ohmigosh. wow. can't believe I almost forgot about it.

i actually did not like shrek; i thought it was too trite. same goes for antz and a bug's life. for my money, the best digital kids' movie is monsters, inc.

have not yet seen spirited away, but i've heard good things about it. i'll have to add it to my netflix queue.

I'd have to disagree with MJ. In my opinion, Time Bandits is the best kids movie. EVER! How can you beat a movie with Napoleon, Robin Hood, a little kid and british midgets?

I thought Shrek was great. It's true that it doesn't have the most original storyline, but at least it's funny and entertaining. Monsters Inc. was just too flat and humorless for me.

Nonetheless, the greatest kid's movie of all time is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Here! Here! Juggy. Willy Wonka rocks. And the Wizard of Oz. That's gotta be up there somewhere. And Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams. That really influenced me as a kid.

if you want to see a cartoon that can make you cry, Grave of the Fireflys.. made Roger Eberts top 5 war films of all time.. amazing movie.. highly reccomend, but really sad. don't forget Princess Monoke if you are thinking more juvinile movies..

I hear you Mopsa. One of my fondest memories as a child was curling up in a blanket on the living room floor with a glass of milk and a plate of Oreo's and watching Up In Smoke until I fell gently off to sleep. Good times, good times.

monsters, inc FLAT?! are you insane? i laughed! i cried!

Flatter than Texas roadkill!

though this isn't directly related, was anyone else really sad when they heard Mr. Rogers died?

I actually talked to my parents about it this weekend. To be honest I can't really remember that many of the shows (the only one I remember vividly was the one where they went to a saxophone factory), but I guess I was quite into him back in the day.

enough noise from me.

You guys are all insane...The best kids movie of all time???????


A simple story full of wonderful family values.

A guy, (Travis) goes to a big city and super responsibly, gets a job doing the honest, necessary albiet blue collar work of driving a taxicab. He shows real dedication by working the streets up to 18 hour days.

He is Mr. Thrifty though, and saves his money so he can buy expensive things, thereby helping the economy grow. He also shows good skills in negotiating with an independant small business man.

( Awesome sub plots in this movie abound. Teaching the kiddies about the value of exercise, industrial auotmobile cleaning methods, constitutional ammendment rights, personal grooming and much more.)

He is rewarded by all his hard work by meeting 2 beautiful girls. The first is a working girl, Iris, not unlike himself. On the streets day and night, she often works more hours in a day than Travis. But she shows American spirit by working out of the bedroom in her own one room apartment.

She is also super responsible. So much so that she left home at 13 to go out to help stimulate the economy. She also shows us the meaning of generosity, by giving most of what she earns to what appears to be a homeless man.

(The filmaker shows his genius here, by not even mentioning this man's hispanic ethnicity...thereby showing the little ones that race doesn't matter when it comes to poverty.)

The second girl works for a political candidate. She turns out to be not very nice. Travis takes her out to a fantastic movie about human relatioships, but she shows herself to be a snob and rudely walks out.

Travis doesn't get mad though, because he REALLY like her, even though it appears she might be flirting with someone else at the same time she is seeing Travis.
Still, he REALLY likes her, so he follows her around all the time just to make sure she is always safe.

Near the end of the movie when he is watching out for her safety, he gets to meet a real politician running for office. (WOW! only in America, huh kids?) He is so impressed, he tries to enlist in the secret service!!! What a wondeful giving man!!

Then all of a sudden, Travis senses danger for Iris, and runs to help her. It seems the homeless man...you remember the one Iris gives her money too? It turns out he may smoke ...marijuana.

(I know some parents out there might be concerned here. Trust me, you will see the positive message taught here in a moment.)

Travis has serious issues about drugs. He only belives in aspirin. (In what can only be described as cinema genius, the filmaker show us a very concerned Travis practicing over and over his listening skills for this upcoming intervention..Travis' plaintive "Are you talking to me?" solioqy, is perhaps movies most famous plea for better communication.)

But I digress.

So when he finally sees that homeless man in the films last reel, he tries to talk to him. The homeless man becomes wicked angry though..(this must be that reefer madness we hear about.)

Anyway, as final resort to this issue, and to show this homeless man that anger can be hurtful in relationships, Travis is forced to excerise his constitutional rights again and again and again and again and again and again to help Iris find closure.

In the end of the movie, Travis has some health issues he has to deal with OSHA about. (loud industrial noises in an enclosed space without proper hearing protection.)

But that is life, and the government, and Travis has a job to do, and he is still out there, doing today.

The End.

Wonderful family movie with good American values!!!!

I give it 2 guns up!!

OMG - That is soo funny! Good job man!

well, if you think taxi driver is a good childrens movie.. you have to mention requium for a dream.. full of great morals for the kids.. don't do drugs or the fridge is going to get you..and its such a quiet movie..

Hey, newbie here.

Can't say I've had the chance to see Tuck Everlasting yet but I did enjoy the book. What's everyones favorite childrens books here?

My top ten would be:

A Wrinkle In Time (L'engle) - Does ANYONE write childrens books with such good characters anymore?
The Last Guru (Pinkwater) - This mans sense of the absurd is the BEST.
Bridge To Terabithia (Patterson) - AGAIN great characters - Read ALL her books!
The Diary Of A Young Girl (Frank) - Obvious reasons!
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (O’Brien)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (Rowling) - The popular and litiganous author of our time.
The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper) - Probably the best one of the sequence...read it over Christmas hols.
Tuck Everlasting
The Hobbit (Tolkien)
The Giving Tree (Shel Silverstein) - One of my favorite sad books.
Tikki Tikki Tembo (Arlene Mosel) - Supposedly a real Chinese folk tale.
Velveten Rabbit (Margery Williams) - Another one of my favorite sad books.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Dahl) - IMHO nobody will get to write like Dahl anymore. He is just too politically incorrect for this generation.
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Lewis)
World of Og (Pierre Burton)

ok...ok that's much more than ten but hey they're all great. Anyone else want to share their lists?

I would like to add the little prince by Paulo Coehlo.

Amelia Badelia don't know the author.

any Dr. Seuess book

Fortunetly Unfortunetly again, I don't remember the author.

and any Ann Rice novel

Well, if you want if from the source, my 9 year old says that most anything written by Lloyd Alexander rocks!

We are finishing "The Subtle Knife" Vol 3 in Philip Pullmans "His Dark Materials" Trilogy (which rumor holds was written as an antidote to the Christianity laden Narnia Chronicles...here's a link: http://www.sitehouse.net/jamesbow/000325.shtml ) I am absolutely entranced with the storyline and characters. Highly reccomend "The Goldern Compass", "The Amber Spyglass" and "The Subtle Knife".

BTW - found my way here via an MJ link

Aha...further lunchtime perusal of our fair web has revealed an interesting interview with Mr. Pullman hisself:


Read on!

Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo.

Eh, hello? The Lion King!!! Jeez you guys! And I'd also like to say Run Lola Run kicks serious foreign-movie butt!!!

tiocfardh ar la !!!