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Symphony for Me

Do you ever get the feeling that, for just a few minutes, the whole world is orchestrated perfectly around you? Like you're driving home during rush hour and you just sail down the highway with ease, the radio plays song after song that you know all the words to, it's warm enough to roll down your windows and nothing, absolutely nothing could go wrong? I just had that. I swear I heard violins on 35W and everything around me moved like we were ballroom dancing.

Of course, these moments are generally offset by me breaking something, tripping over something, or running into something. But it hasn't happened yet.

Posted February 28, 2003 5:19 PM



watch out for that tree..

Always so negative. You don't need to spend the good times thinking about how things can't stay good forever. Just revel in the happiness of the now.

Yes, music does that for me...you describe a beautiful moment.