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Shamrock Chronicles: Chapter 6

It's time to come clean about Miss Shamrock: I quit. And no, I will not give you your two dollars back.

Here's the deal: I felt like crap about being a quitter, but I wasn't having fun. In the end, it was a choice between what felt worse, and sticking with it felt worse.

The contest appeared to be largely based on who sold the most buttons. This involved spending nearly every Friday and Saturday night from February until mid-March being bused from bar-to-bar around St. Paul. Not fun on many levels:

a) spending more time in bars is not a goal of mine. When I'm in bars, I drink. When I drink, I smoke. That's how it is. I realize these things are bad for me, but I'm fine with it on a once-in-a-while basis (at poetry slams, when out with friends). However, I have no desire to make it a twice-weekly habit with a group of strangers.

b) going to bars with up to 19 other girls and competing to sell buttons to the same group of drunks. Not fun.

c) as Juggy so eloquently put it, selling buttons in bars made me "feel like one of those poor kids that sells candy bars in the Rainbow parking lot at 11:30pm on weeknights."

The bottom line is that I thought it would be fun, but it wasn't. For the most part, I don't feel bad about quitting, but I do feel bad about taking your two dollars. You're still not getting it back, though.

Posted February 28, 2003 1:51 PM



It sounded all a wee bit too "Show us your titties for Ireland" for my tastes...

Like a wet t-shirt contest thinly veiled with Republican schmaltz.

Do you get to keep the sash?

You'll always have the picture of yourself in the sash - which is really all you wanted in the first place, right!

Finally some closure! That whole Miss Shamrock thing was such a build up, and the quitter post seemed like a cliff hanger. It was losing paper mystery with only one chapter left to read. I'm glad you came clean.

You'll always be the only sham I associate with rock.

Sorry MJ I didn't mean to ignore you. Yes, I get to keep the sash. I'll wear it out on the town next time you come visit.

From the sounds of it, it all seemed uh, unseemly and humiliating.

If it ain't fun, fuck it.

You should not feel bad. I could sit here for a half hour listing all the things I've quit at. I quit hockey, practising guitar, yoga, exercising,