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Whiny Bitch

Boys are a pain in the ass. Relationships are a pain in the ass. The only thing that's more of a pain in the ass than a relationship is being single. Older men are cynical pains in the asses with too much baggage and bad habits. Younger men are naive pains in the asses with not enough interesting stories or direction.

Hugh says The Rules are probably right, and rather than raging against that machine I should just look at it as "complex mating rituals." To add insult to injury, some of those fucking rules* are starting to make sense. And yet, I can't seem to stop my gag reflex when I read that shit.

I'm thisclose to pulling the Bridget Jones VHS out of the closet.

This is why emo was invented, for melodramatists like me.

*No, I don't mean the rules about "getting the ring." I mean the ones about if he doesn't call you, he doesn't like you so get over it and move on. Stuff like that. Give me some credit!

Posted February 25, 2003 10:07 PM



Sometimes they don't call because they think you don't like them. Insecure gits like me often fell into this trap.

If unsure, fork the rules: call the guy.

Or because we have a) lost the piece of paper we wrote your number on and are hoping to see you same time same place next week or b) dont want to seem desperate. Womens magazines tell us that chicks dont like guys who call too soon. Or too late for that matter. Its a minefield I tell ya.

Damn right it's a mine field. It's like when a girl tells you she wants you to be honest, when in reality, honesty/truth are the last things she wants to hear. Sorry to hear that a boy has been mean to you. (In an Italian accent) You want we should mess up his face for you?

maybe you have a low relationship threshold?

tortoise: Come on now...commentary by ex-boyfriends? That's just plain unfair.

low relationship threshold my ass. Sorry tobs, but this is all a boy avoiding problem issue. don't worry m...we'll find some cuties in europe. Ruben has volunteered to make flyers to make sure you have some foriegn boys waiting.

Foreign boys are pains in the asses who don't wear deodorant. But they do have those dashing accents...

fucking euro-trash accents. dashing, my ass.

What do I do with girls who get bent out of shape before anything has even happened?

I run! Yes, I run!

Fuck them bitches
I don't need them hoes
while they be wishin' of hitcin'
I be walking through doo's

Relationship--yes, more throuble then they're worth.

i really should have just kept this one to myself.

I know how you feel, if it makes you feel better. I can't date 20 year old girls anymore, 'cause I just can't identify with them anymore. And it seems like some women, 3 or 4 years older than me seem so jaded.

Of course, and I'm sure you'll agree, if they pay me up front with a nice tip I can change my mind.

Everyone can empathize with what you're feeling, why the change of heart wishing you'd kept it to yo-sef?

Was my mysogynistic ghetto argot too much for you? Poetry is cartharic even if it's about bitch slappin' and gun clappin', you of all people should understand that...

Austin: I think this is my favorite piece of ghetto wisdom you've shared with me lately:

We all human, we make mistakes
To get you back I'll do whatever it take
I love you like a fat kid love cake.

OH, and your mom just wants you all to find someone nice and be happy. Why is that so complicated. You kids make it all so difficult.

mom, obviously you are not giving my URL out to enough bartenders and nice jewish boys.

I did find someone who makes me happy, Mom. And every since I did, you've driven us both crazy trying to make us unhappy! :)

Hi irish-girl! Well... I just found your blog today, and I liked. About your relationships, maybe you need some latin lover. Like me, for example. :)
I'm from Brazil, and i'm glad to meet your site. See ya...

You've got a latin lover!

Ha Ha!

You're still trying to date 20 year olds!

Ha Ha!

and truth be told, the key word is "trying," not "succeeding."


How does one date a twenty year old? Radio carbon testing or by the number of rings?

wowee! lookey at all the responses..somebody hit a hot button.

I"m not a pain in the ass, i'm a cool dude that does'nt require much maintenance; I left my picture URL , if you like NYC firemen then you know what to do.