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It's Me. Only Wee.

Apparently a wee phenomenon was sweeping the Internet when I was at lunch today.

In a fit of frustration that I had not yet created a wee me yet, MJ took the liberty of creating one for me.

Makes a mother proud, don't it?

Posted February 21, 2003 5:15 PM



Your wee-ness is hot.

girl, quit jockin' on my wee-ness.

Is it just me, or does Miss wWee-ness have her panties pulled down around her ankles? Seems to me she is offering more than second base...

I ain't yankin your wee.

I thought those were white leg-warmers. I was all jealous that she not only has a sash, but leg-warmers as well.

Second base for cake, huh?
What would you do for cake and ice cream?

why is she wearing a star wars flight helmet?

If you'd really go to second base for cake, we'd have made out at least two times by now.

What a jip.

Nope, 'cause that one time you gave me cookies.

damn you and you semantics!

fine. just one make-out session then.

let me know when it'll go down and I'll make sure to floss really well.....and butt floss too! :-0

I think I'll come to regret that butt floss comment. Sorry everyone.