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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

The Tribe is going hiking tomorrow. Planning the event went something like this (via email and edited for your comfort):

Becca: We're going hiking at the North shore on Saturday. Let's meet at 8:30 for breakfast. I'll bring treats, bring your own water and drinks. Tom do you want to drive again? I can pick Meg up and park my car at your place.

Tom: Sounds good, I can drive.

Becca: We may want to consider renting snow shoes depending on the snow up there.

Me: How much is snowshoe rental? I'm a little light in the wallet till I get paid on Monday. What about hiking somewhere south where there's not so much snow? Am I being a pain in the arse?

Tom: Yes.

Austin: I too will only hike where someone has run a snowblower past and a place that has erected railings. I realize that that sounds sarcastic, which it ain't supposed to be. I don't want to rent snowshoes either.

Juggy: Why don't we just go "hiking" at the Mall of America! It sounds like the perfect solution to our concerns! Not only do they have miles of sturdy, easy-to-grasp railings but they have escalators, too! Even an elevator! Or maybe we should just rent Little Rascals instead and avoid that pesky exercise altogether!

Austin: If they had those moving sidewalks at the MOA I would be all for that idea, Jugs. Maybe I'll just go hiking at the airport.

Me: Becca is going to hate us. This is worse than the time I made her stop for croissants and lattes before a 30-mile bike ride.

Posted February 21, 2003 11:20 AM


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What a bunch of wimps... ;))