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Girls Have Scooties

It is too nice out to be at work. Gretchen and I are walking to the Vespa store over lunch. It's a good thing I left my Mastercard at home.

I've been thinking lately about getting rid of my car. In the winter, I could take the bus. In the summer, I could scoot. And, if I move to Oregon this Fall I won't have to worry about snow in the winter, so I might be able to scoot year 'round. I'd just need to buy some scooting raingear.

*beep beep*

Posted February 20, 2003 11:07 AM



"If I move to Oregon..." - I smell doubts... ;)

I'm just being realistic; I still don't even know if I got in yet!

Never voluntarily make an Italian vehicle your sole method of transportation.

Two months today until I tour from Tuscany to Venice aboard a rented motorcycle. But even "when in Rome", I'll be riding a German cycle.

Get a vintage japanese bike... when it breaks down incessantly, you can just say that repairing it is "part of the fun." It's all about rationalization.
This weather makes me itchy to fire it up again :)

Move to Oregon and not have to worry about snow? Where?

Eugene. Okay, maybe not no snow, but very little. At least according to this.

Lucky: That sounds so fun! A friend of my family's has a bed and breakfast in Tuscany, if you're still looking for a place to stay.

Check it: www.tofori.com.

Sounds like Lucky has had some Italian vehicle experience. It may be true, but their design... oh, they've got the design down pat, don't they?

I say we get a bunch, climb aboard them here in Minneapolis and ride them all the way to Tuscany...

Ride what???? ...duh......