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Spanish Fly

I'm not sure what this says about me, but I have somehow made my way into the Kool marketing database.

As a result, I recently received (compliments of Kool!), a copy of Russell Simmons' One World magazine. The Spanish Fly issue. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I started leafing through it. I can tell I'm outside of their demographic by all the ads for Roca Wear, Sean John, and Hennessy. I'm learning a lot, though. For example:

- The last issue featured a controversial picture of Li'l Kim. And, right next to the outraged letters to the editor is a full-page ad for Lil' Kim's new album, La Bella Mafia. Ah, America.

- That guy who sings the thong song is in a group called Dru Hill. They have sexy scowls and sunglasses. Even at night, like Corey Hart.

- Mecca the Ladybug (formerly of Digable Planets) is coming out with a new album, which actually sounds interesting. She also is into Khemetic culture and sends her kids to meditation and Capoeira classes. I had to look up both Khemetic (Kemetic) and Capoeira. Turns out I can take Capoeira classes at the U. Hmmm.

- Jellybean Benitez is still alive and well, and still dresses like it's 1989. Turned-up collar, dangly earring and all.

- Fat Joe is still alive and well, and still morbidly obese, despite the death three years ago of his associate, Big Pun (that's short for Punisher, yo).

- This is the most ridiculous one of all.
Full page ad: scowling white dude in the background. Large image of a white sneaker in foreground.
Headline: Phat Farm Footwear Introduces The Hampton.
Subhead: The second installment of the Phat Classic sneaker collection.
Subhead 2: Economic justice now.
Body: The U.S. government owes: Equal, high quality education. Stronger affirmative action. Greater access to the new American dream. Reparations is not a racial issue. It's an American justice issues. Reparations now.

What?! Are you kidding me? In the same breath as a sneaker called "The Hampton" you're going to wax political about reparations? Ah, America.

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You know, I was just talking to my brother about the new Lugz 'Driving Shoe'. Ridiculous.
You can get the full effect at their site. (warning! loud rap music ahead)

I don't get it. What full effect? Is there a specific URL?

Just got to their site. The shoe is featured on their front page.

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