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The FCC Won't Let Me Be...

Yet another item that will be lost what with our current singular media focus on Iraq: The FCC are overhauling the telecom rules again, and this round promises to be just as bad as what they did in 1996.

Read about it in the Washington Post, listen to it on NPR. Just to show that I'm fair, you can also read this article in Forbes that doesn't seem to think it'll be a problem. Then again, it's in Forbes.

And also there's this whole HF 341 hoo-ha. Argh, it's just all so frustrating.

And now, back to the war. People keep posting comments on my site about it, and I keep ignoring them because truth-be-told, I'm not entirely sure what I think about it. Yes, war is bad for children and other living things. But then I talk to my dad, who is a major history buff (and, in my opinion, a very clear and rational thinker), and he asks me questions that really make me think. Like I ask him, "What does war ever really solve?" And he replies, "What did the Civil War solve? Do you think slavery could have ended otherwise?" Then I say, "Yeah, but this thing with Iraq is hardly comparable." Then he says, "Well, what do you think would have happened without World War II?" And then Juggy says (because Juggy's there), "Can you really compare Saddam Hussein to Hitler?"

It's all so confusing. So much so that I'm not at all prepared to say how I think or feel about it until after I think about it some more. But, I do know how I feel about the FCC stuff. My protest is to listen to this. I do what I can.

Posted February 18, 2003 9:17 AM



if you care about radio (you should, airwaves are the public's natural resource, after all), you could always make a donation to Radio K, KFAI, or a small, active group like Prometheus Radio, who help set up low-power stations around the country and petition the FCC. Heck, YOU can petition the FCC. Just find their online form at fcc.gov and tell them what you think. You'd be surprised how many people don't. And all of us should. With its pervasiveness and impact, media should be on the minds and tongues of the public at all times and critique should be taught in the elementary schools. High school at the very least. Read some Robert McChesney. He's a super nice guy, very smart about media and radio. One of the few out there. Let's not them make radio worse. In fact, let's make it better. The Telecom Act has affected all of us in so many ways and largely in the negative. Find out more. Act.

I moved to the U.S. just over two years ago expecting a major difference in the quality of radio. I thought the choices down here would have been great compared to the government regulated content on Canadian Radio. In Canada, government regulation stipulates that radio content needs to be at least 35%. A ratio I now see as being too small, but years ago thought the opposite.

Since moving here I have experienced the opposite. The radio inudustry in the U.S. is completely homogenized and calculated. Radio has turned the Music industry into a production line, fast food like, process. Take a comfortable, framiliar beat (the catch) and put a pretty face in front of it, play it over and over 'till we have had a large variety of emotional experiences while listening to the song and sell millions of records. Why else would P. Diddy Puff whatever sell as many records as he did. It certainly wasn't talent. I believe Mase (who??), Another Bad Puff Daddy Creation, is in the record books as being the slowest rapper ever. If you want to read more about this, there was a great article written in the City Pages a while back.

I'll end my rant by saying the the radio industry will never be the same. It will never be independent again. But we do have the internet. This is our salvation. It will allow independent radio stations to flourish around the world. We now have more selection than ever and need to take full advantage of it and do whatever we can to support it. Radio K is a great local alternative, but there are hundreds or thousands of others on the Internet trying to accomplish the same thing. Good music or bad , excellent music or horrible, but not corporate controlled. Let's support it.

clint: i keep meaning to tell you. my little brother has started a club called Free Canada. he's a weird kid. i'm not sure what exactly he's saving Canada from, but apparently avril lavigne is one of the things threatening Canadians today. like i said, he's a weird kid, but we love him.

anyway, check 'er out: www.canada-club.tk.

you can get free stickers. ;)

Too bad the Civil War wasn't about slavery. It was about the South wanting to be separate from the North. Yes, slavery was ended because the North won and it had abolished slavery, but that is NOT what the war was about.

Check out http://www.13myths.org

Thanks Irish-Girl. You had mentioned it, just never gave up the link. I'm now a member.

p.s. clint: the comments on your site don't work. it keeps giving me some noise about needing to login.

fuckin' canadians.

Canadians are fucking? Increasing and multiplying, too? That's a good thing. I'm all for more sane Canadians populating the world

More seriously: you touch on a point I hadn't thought about, but it's a classic maneuver that the right has been perfecting for years: Everytime you shoot down their latest argument against the war, they prop up another one. "You still can't make up your mind because you haven't seen this." Nice bit of logical absurdity based on the ploy of moving the milestones so that it appears that you can never reach their finish line.

Thanks for the heads up on the comments on my site. They are now fully functioning. I finally got my photos working too. I was converting my software from somethign I wrote using ASP to a new system. Also, I'm a lazy lazy man.

When I wrote my last comment in this thread, I hadn't seen the latest: