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Holy Land, Batman!

Matt and I went over to Holy Land to grab some lunch and look what I found! When opened, the delightfully phallic box design reveals an even more delightful treat: banana filling (made of 6% REAL banana) covered in schokodeliciousness.

As if that's not good enough, while enjoying my Falafel Combination and browsing Yahoo!News, I stumble across this tidbit. Could it really be true?!

Maybe Mondays aren't so bad.

Posted February 17, 2003 1:32 PM | On This Day: 2005



Mondays are fun. Look what I found...

dude, fisheye puppies are so five minutes ago.

damn... i thought they are cute... now i think you are right... FIsheye... so old... ;)

They are super cute. But I saw it a few weeks ago, so I just had to give you shit about being late on the bandwagon.

I still love you, though.

You know, here's another instance where the Bush administration is incredibly inconsistant.

They want to go to war because they have some 6th sense that Saddam is building weapons of mass destruction.

But when the North Koreans say they're building Nukes right now(and they have ICBMs capable of reaching the US) or the Spice Girls talk of reuniting, they do next to nothing.

That's why I'm a DFLer, dammit. If Clinton or Gore were in power they at least would have helped the Spice Girls shake this mortal coil.

The dumbest part about striking Iraq first is that the disparate groups that independently hate us will have reason to unite. The secular despots and the religious fanatics will join forces against us, their common enemy. Then Bush will no doubt declare, "There you go, I told you Saddam and bin Laden were working together."