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Chump Change

I balanced my checkbook today and it's a little shady. First time that's happened in quite a while, and I don't like the feeling. It's nothing terrible, just not much to spare until I get paid again. (Don't be surprised if I show up to your house around dinnertime this week.)

I hate thinking about money. I don't have a lot, but I don't have too little. It's pretty much just right, and that's how I like it. I like having enough to pay my bills, have very little debt, and still be able to go out. But, chances are good that if I head off to grad school I'll be singing a different tune (the lyrics include the word Ramen), and I'm not exactly going into a high-buck career with the ol' Arts Management degree.

It's a delicate balance for me: material comforts vs. personal satisfaction and happiness. If I keep on my current career path, my material comfort level will continue to rise while my personal satisfaction falls. There is a potential that if I go into Arts Management the exact opposite will happen. I want both.

Sometimes I think I will never know what I want only because I never want just one thing.

Why do I always think this way on Sunday nights?

Posted February 16, 2003 11:19 PM | On This Day: 2004



George W said the other day all your problems can be solved by just 2 little words... Republican Tax Plan.

Oh yesiree.....The first step you should take in your quest for financial solvency is to go out and slap down $82,000 for that new tiger-striped Range Rover you've had your eye on. That right there will earn you a 25% tax rebate. So lemmesee..thats 2 carry the 6...Holy shit! You just made $20,500 dollars!!! Why you now have the money to buy a couple of congressmen and that Tommy Hilfiger computer cozy you've had your eye on....and you will still have $147.78 in your pocket. Why, you can pay the average migrant workers salary for 2 weeks with what you have left.

Thanks W! Your economic plan is the best for providing resources to help the little guy.

P.S. Thanks for the Birthday wishes...I had a great day....I will figure out who narc'd me, even if I have to get you really drunk and then ......"pry" it out of you....

i will never crack. nevah!