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Shamrock Chronicles: Chapter 3

Highlights of my first Miss Shamrock event:

- I got my sash with the following instructions, "Don't get too drunk when you're wearing this." Seriously.

- They gave me my buttons, which I need to sell. They originally gave me one bag of 25, but I upped them to 75. It's a good thing I did, too because at Sweeney's last night I managed to sell 50.

- My parents showed up! It was so great. And they secretly paid my tab for me. Sweetie pies. And my dad wore his cute little hat from Lahinch Golf Club in County Clare. Anyway, it might not sound like a big deal that they came, but remind me to tell you about the time my dad didn't show up at my college graduation ceremony. (Bust out the little violins! I'm damaged.)

So, enough of all that. You wanna see my sash or what?

P.S. Do they have operations to reduce the size of one's head? Look at that great gobbing melon, people! What is it with me? It's like a small planetoid. My boss and my co-worker pal, Matt just walked by and looked at that photo. It went something like this:

Me: Does my head always look that big?
Matt: Were you drinking?
Me: No.
Boss: You look really fucked up.

Posted February 6, 2003 12:32 AM | On This Day: 2006



I'll bet (if we could see the whole picture) it would say Miss Sh<boob-here>ock.

You should really sell the buttons through your website, you know.

That's one awesome sash! You go, Irish-grrl!

How much are the buttons?

Honestly...your head doen'st look big. It's only because your boobs look big, and make your neck look small b/c you're wearing a black turtlenect, so ontop of your little skinny nect, and given the angle of the photo, it gives the perception that your head looks big. Ok. I'm overanalyzing and it doesn't even involve a boy. Still can't get over THAT from last night.

You are totally prettier than Miss Shamrock! You've got this competition in the bag!

Where's the green in the hair?

Oh yeah...I decided to wait on those until after I scoped out the scene. But I think I'm still going to do them.

I want a sash damnit. You had better hide yours when I come to town. And no, your head isn't was appears large in that photo. That's some serious 18 hour support you've got going there!