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Shamrock Chronicles: Chapter 2

Hair: Dyed
Nails: Painted
Face: Exfoliated
Nerves: Wracked

I'm off to get shamrocked at Mr. Patom's. Rumor has it I get my sash tonight.


Posted February 5, 2003 10:46 AM | On This Day: 2004



I am getting you a tee shirt that says -

'Kiss My Sash!'

That would be a good title for a poem: Getting Shamrocked and Sashed.

She can use sash and burn tactics to win!

...or make up a new dance called the monster sash...

What about campaign slogans? I'm thinking: "She puts the ROCK back in Shamrock."

(seriously, I want to see that t-shirt mopsa.)

All that work...and we don't have a picture???

Oh my goodness! THAT IS AWESOME! She puts the rock back in Shamrock. How cool is that?

I.G. - I hope you're writing that erotica poem about getting sashed.