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Shamrock Chronicles: Chapter 1

Now that I'm officially in the running, I'm officially freaking out. Okay, not really, but I do hope that the other girls are nice. They've already spent time together last weekend so, as has happened so often before in my life, I'm the "new girl." I gotta be extra charming. If I don't win Miss Shamrock, I at least want to get Miss Congeniality.

On the preparation schedule for tonight:
- Manicure. Red, maybe?

- Re-dye hair. This black keeps fading like a mo-fo. Just at the ends: where the poor hairs were bleached a few times too many during my quest for pink hair, and then my quest to un-do the pink hair.

- Call Hair Police. Oh miracle of miracles! Amy has an opening on Wednesday over lunch. I'm getting green streaks added. Apropos, don't you think?

Okay, I'm off to Walgreen's to pick up a fresh box of Feria's Starry Night and be home in time for Joe Millionaire. Let the preparations begin!

Posted February 3, 2003 7:46 PM



These girls all met at Orientation and they think they know what the competition will be.....little do they know what they are in store for. I can see um shakin' now. Hey, what are the odds that Austi and Patrick will become "Blarney Brothers" to really heat this competition up?

Question: Does green hair pull rank over red....in Irish eyes?

Can I vote? How do I vote. I want to vote. Maybe you should get some pictures of your competition, put them on your web site and have an unofficial "Miss Shamrock" vote.

Maybe not...

I just read comments from your last point that basically says the same thing I said. I now take my unoriginal brain back to work.