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SWF Seeks Muse

I put three unfinished poems up tonight. If you have brilliant thoughts to share, let me know.

I'm getting agitated that I don't have anything to compete with at the erotica slam on Valentine's Day. I obviously need some inspiraiton.

Posted January 27, 2003 11:01 PM



I thought I was your muse!

I dig the second one....if I'm reading it correctly it's got an interesting meter.

I even printed it out so when I get home I can put all the correct stresses in place..

anyways, my two cents.

my fortune the other day said "You will soon change your present line of work." what are your muse requirements? is there an online application to fill out? what are the benefits? full-time or part-time?

I would think the benefits would be obvious.

unless you had some kind of sick "I dream of Jeannie" muse-in-a-bottle kind of thing going on. not much of a benefit living inside a poorly rinsed wine bottle (unless you're into huffing fumes). besides, those gauzy outfits lack any serious cold protection. barring that, however...