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The Birthday Chronicles

Midnight: Attempt a cocktail with Juggy to celebrate the dawn of the day of birth. Plans thwarted by persistent sleepiness. Benefits of staying home to go to bed early undermined by arrival of Disc 1 of Felicity: Freshman Year in mailbox.

7:53am: Phone call from mom, saying Happy Birthday. Hardworking Mom disturbed that lazy daughter is only now just waking up. Lazy daughter to embarassed to admit that her lateness is caused by a WB show on DVD.

8:21am: Phone call from dad, saying Happy Birthday. Promises that this time, there really is a pony in the garage. 28 and wise, birthday girl won't fall for this trick again.

9:15am: Arrive at work to small present on desk. YES! First present of the day. Sweet card from co-worker and a mini-bottle of Grand Marnier. So cute. Birthday girl has theory that mini-bottle means mini-hangover. Theory to be tested at later date.

10:45am: Boss arrives, bestows Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers poster on the birthday girl, along with a Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem playset. ANIMAL!!!

11:47am: Birthday lunch with co-workers at Uncle Franky's. Watched Tom & Jerry cartoons on the giant TV. Ran into the lovely Wendy. More gifts bestowed upon birthday girl, much to her suprise. Note to self: must remember to tell people that just because she is a freak about her birthday, others are not obliged to indulge her with gifts. The candy lipstick is delicious, though.

2:15pm: Happy birthday email received from Tom, who is in Tijuana on a business trip for a month. Email is in Spanish, so birthday girl has no idea what it says.

2:30pm: Austin stops by to say Happy Birthday. Birthday girl buys him a cup of coffee and entertains coffeeshop lady with ridiculous outburst of birthday joy.

3:30pm: Cake with co-workers. Birthday girl feeling spoiled by new job. Houma tries to sneak a piece of cake, but birthday girl reminds her that cake is not for dogs.

4:03pm: Onset of mild sugar buzz vertigo from large slab of cake. Birthday girl lays down on office couch.

7:54pm: Two episodes of Felicity under her belt, birthday girl heads to The Herk with Juggy & Bec for a nightcap. Since it was Thursday, a trip to the VFW for karaoke was in order. The birthday girl always makes new friends at the VFW. They usually have names like Beverly or Lorene.

28 is a contender for best birthday ever...and tomorrow there's a party. Oh, and birthday girl promises to stop talking in third person as soon as the clock strikes midnight and she changes back into irish-girl.

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Uncle Franky's! Yum! I'm jealous. I wish I worked close enough to have lunch there.

It was awesome! I randomly found it on Citysearch last night when trying to think of a good place for a birthday lunch. After reading the description, I knew it was THE place. But, next time I'll know to get the Uncle Franky dog OR the chili-cheese fries...not both.

I have a hard time finishing a dog and regular fries, I can hardly imagine what I would feel like after a chili cheese fries, but they sure looked good!

Have you started on the mini-bottle of Grand Marnier? I am interested in learning the results of your mini-hangover theory.

Hey Irish-grrl! I wish I had stayed for the duet of the diva's. So it was Lorene, huh? Well, I'll watch for her on American Idol. See you tonight!

Happy B-day, Irish-Girl! I'll serve you up a nice glass of Becherovka sometime!

i had to do some online research to figure out what becherovka was, but upon investigation it looks agreeable. plus it has alleged healing properties, which i feel i should test.

glad you found it. "cures what don't ail ya", as my grandfather used to say. I always feel healed after imbibing the "B". in fact, the only thing I drink.