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Went to see Krystal Ashe perform as the January slam feature at Kieran's last night. Hung out afterward with Thadra and some other people. It was fun to finally meet Krystal and see her perform, as my only exposure to her thus far has been her website and the Poetry Slam listserv.

I was hoping to catch a whiff of inspiration last night; I want to write some naughty girl poetry for the Erotica slam on February 14. I've got an inkling of one poem, but it would be cool to read three totally new ones (assuming I make it that far).

Speaking of "making it that far," the judges last night were the most 9-centric judges I've ever seen! EVERY poet I saw got between 9.0 and 10.0 on EVERY poem they did. Sort of ridiculous, but that's what makes it slam. Totally unpredictable.

In other news, there are several things that are making me super squirrelly today:

- MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. Yesterday, I bought decorations for my party: pink, pink, pink and yellow. I got some noisemakers on clearance that have Glenda the good witch on them. Who the hell puts Glenda on clearance?

- Aragorn could arrive any day now.

- Yesterday, I booked a flight to Washington, DC to celebrate Caryn's birthday with Becca and Laurel. I've never been to DC before. Hey, maybe I'll see a Bush!

- Despite the fact that one of the members of The Who is accused of downloading child pornography, I am listening to Baba O'Riley over and over because it rules and you can't deny it. Teenage wasteland...

- There is a new episode of Dawson's Creek on tonight, and Becca is coming over to help my re-dye my hair jet black. It's getting all faded and mousy.

- I'm going to Chicago in early April for a SlamMaster's meeting and I'm going to get to meet all kinds of crazy poets and see all kinds of crazy performances and do all kinds of crazy things. Crazy!

- I just mailed my application to the University of Oregon.

- Did I mention that I turn 28 tomorrow?!

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When's your birthday and how old will you be?

The Who do rock. And I don't think Pete Townshend really "used" child porn...he's long been a supporter of children charities and he wrote about the harm that shit causes to people.

check out this link on the smoking gun to see one of the things he's written.

I have a Pearl Jam cover of the song on cd( from their official bootleg series, the last Seattle show). I'll bring it to your party.

Thanks, but I already have it! A friend in Seattle sent me the mp3.

Happy B-day, Irish-Girl!! I hope you have a smashingly fabulous day tomorrow and a wonderful year to come!!