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Web Fridge Project

Okay, so MJ has this thing on her site about the web fridge project. It's a totally random and weird thing that only creepy bloggers such as myself would do: post a picture of the inside of their fridge (by the way, MJ: I think we should do The Web Medicine Cabinet Project next).

Everyone else's (linked at Friday Fishwrap) are stock full. Look at mine. In what appears to be related news, there's apparently a diet pill out now called Anorex. Eww.

My fridge.

Posted January 9, 2003 5:20 PM | On This Day: 2006



OMG, that's the emptiest fridge I've ever seen... At first, I thought your carton of silky said "silly"... silly me.

Thank god you have some baking soda in there. Nothing stinks up a fridge like.. NOTHING! Too funny...

It's Silk.

The thing that looks like a "Y" is the Silk fake cream pouring out, illustrating it's delicious non-dairy creaminess.

That's pretty brutal. I thought it was bad that mine contains almost nothing but beverages. I've posted a pic at my site.

Alcohol...juice...and Silk. Classic.

notice how perfectly placed the baking soda container is.

I was going to post a pic of our fridge last night, but Laura cleaned it yesterday! So I didn't even bother. I'll wait a few days till it's back to it's former cramped and disorganized state.

This just reminds me that I need to get off my ass & get a digital camera!!!

Do you eat? Where is the food?

That's one austere fridge! I've been quite riveted by the Fridge Project but hadn't quite worked up the courage to post mine. (Fridge Stage Fright and all, you know). But after a visit here last night I was finally inspired to post my own fridge today.

Mine looks even worse than that! I don't have the "Silk"-whatever that is-or the un-namable brown thing wrapped up on the right side.