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Son of Arathorn

I just bought myself a life-size cardboard standup of Aragorn.

Happy Birthday to me in 7 days.

Posted January 9, 2003 10:33 AM | On This Day: 2006



Happy Birthday to you! (in 7 days).

cool. is this your first life-size standup? i had a brando one for awhile that i got from the bookstore i worked at. every once in awhile i would forget about it and get the shit scared out of me when i turned the light on.

I love Viggo. I want to be Viggo.

craig: aragorn will actually be standing right next to britney. when aragorn arrives i'll post a pic of the happy couple.

mj: if you were viggo, i'd marry ya. oh, and i just remembered i took a photo of my fridge for the web fridge project! will post it shortly.

what's the web fridge project?

Oooh Vigo...he's so dreamy...