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Things to Do

I wrote a whole post about my aunt's wake tonight, then I accidentally hit a link on Yahoo! and the whole thing disappeared. I'm too emotional from writing it the first time to rewrite it again tonight, so instead you're getting a list of things I want to do in 2003:

- Work out 4-5 times a week. Make it a habit.

- Increase flexibility. Reaching my toes would be a coup.

- Eat better. More regular meals. Making them myself would be a nice bonus, and probably good practice for grad school when I won't be able to afford a constant stream of takeout.

- Go through my stuff and pare down in preparation for the move to grad school. Ask myself questions like, "Does a girl really need two George Foreman grills? Granted, they are different sizes..."

- Stay in book club and/or read regularly.

- Make time to relax. Ignore the fact that it's ridiculous to plan time to relax, just friggin' do it.

- Take naps. Seriously. Big fat Saturday afternoon naps.

- Stop saving time only to waste it later.

- Stop twirling my hair. (Note to others: if you see me doing this, point it out. I do it unconsciously when I'm thinking about something.)

- Live in the moment. Be present at whatever I'm doing. Don't be distracted by something I need to do later, or should have done earlier.

- Try the Zen Center again. Meditate.

- Finish poetry book with Gretchen.

- Start a writing group with Mopsa and Grid.

- Move far away all by myself and go to grad school because it's scary like brussels sprouts and probably just as good for me.

- Try hair extensions.

- Finish paying off credit card. And mom.

- Go to bed earlier.

- Take care that alcohol is not a main form of entertainment. Be more interesting than that.

- Learn something new. Spanish, maybe.

- Write a story or essay and try to get it published or otherwise noticed (this one added in honor of my mom, who told me yesterday that she thinks I'm "just as good as that Sarah Vowell." This sort of insane compliment is what moms were invented for. So okay, I'll try.)

- Finish gluing rhinestones around the TV.

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Observation: You have just made a laundry list of "to-do" items for the year and it's as long as a summer day. It seems to me you are always stressing out because you have too many check boxes on the list and you can NEVER get them all checked. And now you've done it again, sister: setting yourself up for feeling like a failure because you can't get it all done......I'd winnow the list down to taking naps and drinking one Cosmopolitan a day. That is easily accomplished. And the Cosmo takes the edge off -- you don't give a rats ass if the list is even filled out! Happy New Year Meg. I love your lists. I love your hair in it's many glories. I love you. Aunt R.

I agree with the above, except I'd trade the cosmo's for a Bailey's on the rocks. That's what I'm drinking right now. Pare down your list to a couple of general things-it's easier to approach, but just as fulfilling to accomplish.

Buddha, have I told you yet how much I LOVE that you are commenting on my site from your vacation in the Florida Keys? Even better is that I am replying to your comment on my laptop from my friend Matt's living room, using a wireless connection.

2003 rules!

And thanks to both you and Rita. Yeah, I'm a jackass.

And I thought of two more things to do in 2003: Learn "The Hustle" and "The Electric Slide." I'm tired of being excluded at weddings when those songs come on.

That looks my list in 2001! The first ten items were and seven of the next eleven. Canny. Later or sooner you must marry me in Vegas on a Friday and then divorce me in Reno on Monday. Have you seen Lake Tahoe on a Sunday?! My, my...

P.S. It's what, 2003? I've knocked off 11 of those 17. I'm wishing you better!

I haven"t done the hustle in a while but I could teach you the electric slide if you realy want to learn how. Oh god, I can't believe I just admitted to knowing the ES!

Florida is great. I am currently on a wireless connection in my Hotel Room--using the television as a monitor. Aint technology great

They always say the really hard resolutions are easier if you do them with a friend. With that in mind...

The Hustle (also known as The Buss Stop)

Step 1) Download the song: Do the Hustle

Step 2) Print out The Steps

Step 3) Practice, Practice, Practice!

Next time I see you, we're gonna Do the Hustle!

we are SO doing the hustle!

let's break some laws, too.

but I like that hair twisting thing... I think it's cute. (And yes, I have noticed this before, I'm not just making fun of you.)

Hmmm. What are the chances that your reply to Buddha was posted while breaking that alcohol resolution?

PS to Buddha: we have the same favorite drink! Bailey's on the rocks ROCKS!!!