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Weekend Update

Yesterday was my little sister's 20th birthday, and today is my dad's...uh...52nd birthday. I think. Or maybe 53, but who's counting?

Went to breakfast and shopping with Becca today. I found myself a pair of Adidas with shiny pink stripes. No big deal, right? Wrong. Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for Adidas with shiny pink stripes? I'd say two years. Do you have any idea how long it takes to find a pair of Adidas with shiny pink stripes? If you're a size 11, it takes two damn years and the Nordstrom Rack. I also re-purchased the wallet from earlier in the week. It was truly thrilling to spend that $8 again.

Performed in St. Paul tonight with Cynthia, Thadra, Dessa, Shane, Tim and Matthew (at the Bremer Capitol Holiday...some sort of pseudo-cultural thingy with music and other bits of entertainment). I felt like my performance kind of sucked, especially since I was the only lame ass who had to read off the page. I need to start practicing and memorizing if I'm going to come out of performance retirement. We'll see.

When I was frantically trying to choose stuff to read today, I found a poem that I had completely forgotten about. I posted it; it's called "Matches."

Friday night was the gift exchange with the tribe. I'll wait to describe it until Juggy sends me the photos. Oh, and I got a webcam this weekend. It totally fucked up my laptop and I've spent like 2 hours today defragmenting and stuff. Grr. Plus, everyone that I told about the cam thinks I'm running some kind of porn thing out of my apartment. Bah!

One funny exchange before I go. The scene: a 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva, headed toward Target. A mid-twenties friend of mine is telling me about someone she's been flirting with recently:
Me: Oooh, something is going to happen with this, I can tell.
Friend: Get real. He's forty. And he's blonde.

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You got a webcam? Show me the money!!!

lol. if i can get it to stop crashing my system, i WILL.