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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Went Christmas shopping with Mopsa today at the infamous Mall of America. It's ungodly big so we were damn near guaranteed to find everything we needed there. Neither of us were really into the whole experience, we just wandered around and once in a while found a perfect item and purchased it. At different times, each of us would briefly fall into a slight trance, staring straight ahead in a Christmas coma. Sometimes we'd both do that at the same time. I realized that the two of us were just like two dopey guys from a sitcom who put off their shopping until the last minute, and then hilarity at the mall ensues.

The good news is that I successfully completed all of my shopping. Of course, I cannot reveal what I have purchased as of yet, but a full report will follow once all gifts have been opened.

The bad news is that I bought myself a great wallet for EIGHT BUCKS at The Rack and somehow lost it between the mall and my apartment. I think I might have accidentally left the little bag at another store or something. Bah!

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That's funny cuz I lost $100 today, while buying my coworker's gifts.


So, did you check out Hooters while at the Mall of America? I totally commend it to the House.

Hooters is good for talking with the mullet-headed jocks about their educational ambitions and the existential challenges presented the wait staff there.

But I'm nutty that way.