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True Story

This little tale will give you an idea of the neighborhood I work in:

Walking toward my car, parked in the lot behind Deja Vu (hundreds of beautiful girls and three ugly ones), I see two young boys walking North on Washington Avenue. They approach a man walking South, "Hey, do you know where The Choice Gentleman's Club is?" THe man shakes his head.

Turning around, I say, "You're going the wrong way. Go two blocks South and take a right at Sex World."

The End.

Posted December 20, 2002 12:43 PM | On This Day: 2004



I wonder what will happen to Deja Vu now that there are a lot of $500,000+ homes only a few blocks away.

The girls will get bigger tips.

Nice to know that Portland, OR doesn't have the market cornered on Strip Clubs, Sex Shops and places that purvey "marital aids."

Wait, that's not right. Sex World is only ONE block south of Deja Vu.

well, if you count the block that deja vu is ON (which i am), then there is another block, then sex world is on the next corner. technically i guess it's a block and a half.

and you're creepy.

I feel inadequate, like a tour guide that doesn't know squat about the places he is showing. I drive past Deja Vu on a weekly basis, but I have never entered the establishment. Same goes for BJ's on the corner of Washington and Broadway, which I drive past at least twice a day. I never know what to say when a friend asks "So, what's Deja Vu like?"

Deja Vu is, in a word, depressing. In exchange for $15 you get the water or soda of your choice, and the privelege of ogling a naked chick whom you know is just there for one of the following reasons:
a) she's trying to finish college and this is the best scholarship she could find
b) she has a young child(ren) to support
c) her stepfather was a very bad man

Don't even get me started on the men that go there...

Oh, and also don't ask how I know all this. *cough*