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We Three Things

First, I finally have my Photos page working. The popups need tweaking, but I'm really happy that I finally got it all set up! Thanks to Jeremy for his great photolog tutorial.

Second, I made a snowflake here today. It's a fun little Flash thingy.

Third, I'm going to see The Two Towers at noon tomorrow with my dad, my brother, and a couple of friends and co-workers. My dad and brother and I went last year at noon, too, so all year I've been looking forward to doing it again. But this morning, my dad tried to back out due to too much work, but I cried and then I sent my mom an email and then my brother called and I told him the story and then he called my mom and left her a voicemail telling her that dad was ruining Christmas again and so then my mom called my dad and yelled at him and he felt guilty and now he's going. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my family. We're all completely cracked.

Posted December 17, 2002 3:49 PM



Popular Front. Nice to know you're flirting with the competition.


thanks for the compliment. glad you found the tutorial thingy useful and good job with your implementation! I look forward to checking more pix from you.

I made a snowflake. But then I had a bad elementary school flashback where everyone laughed at me and made fun of it. So I stabbed them with my blunt nosed scissors and was sent to the principles office.

Hey the photoblog looks great! I would only do one thing to make it perfect... add "resizable=yes

grr. that was only part of the comment...

add resizeable=yes to the list of javascript popup attributes. (menubar=no, scrollbars=yes, etc)

You should do that to your poetry blog too, and tell us when you update that, cause if I'm not mistaken, some of those poems are new! (and AWESOME!)

Hat...Baby...Hat...Baby. Very cut Meghan. I might have to steal that knitting pattern.
-knit purl knit purl-

wanna know something cool? i pretty much made up the patterns...based the decreases on the berry hat pattern. the blue one i did a garter stitch edge and did the yarn over (like on your baby bootie pattern) to make the ribbon holes. it turned out cute, but i think i made it too deep (if you look at brekkyn's picture they've rolled up the edge of the hat).