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Fate and Other Crazy Things

I went to Urban Bean tonight to work on my essay for the U of O. It was packed, so I ended up sharing a table with two strangers. We kept to ourselves for the first hour or so, but I finally relented and asked to borrow a cigarette. If you're going to sit in a smoky coffeeshop, it's best to just join 'em.

One of the girls asked me if I went to the U of M (I took this as a compliment...that I looked young enough to be an undergrad). I said no, that I was in the midst of applying to grad school at the U of O. "Hey!" she replied, "That's where I go!"

So we talked a bit about Eugene and other Pacific Northwest items. It turns out she used to date my mom's best friend's son. Small world. I love when stuff like that happens. So, U of O is ahead in the fate department; Pittsburgh better step up to the plate with some Pennsylvanians sprinkled in my path.

Other tidbits:

- This weekend I was at Bobby Bead with Annette. We were checking out their annual employee sale (the don't sell the employees, they sell stuff they've made). I heard Annette gasp and say, "You have to buy this." I turned around, and she's holding up a bracelet with glass block beads on it that spell, "WHORE." So I bought it.

- Tommy's 3rd Annual Merry F-ing Christmas dinner was Saturday. It was lovely fun. Elise brought "Cheesy Cheese," a dish Becca introduced us to last year. Ingredients: 1 bag frozen corn, 1 stick butter, infinite amounts of Velveeta, topped with crumbled Ritz crackers and baked. So naughty. So nice.

- I made it to the gym at 6:30am today. I feel like I'm back on track. I have my 2nd fitness assessment Saturday. We'll see if I made any progress. I weigh more than when I started which is depressing, because I don't see how I can have gained any muscle weight yet. Methinks it's the cheesy cheese.

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my friend beth goes to carnegie mellon...I could arrange for her to *randomly* bump into you...