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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Know what time it is?

Time to start my annual Plan-Your-Own-Birthday-Bash extravaganza, and I'm looking for ideas. My birthday is on January 16, which is a Thursday, but I'm open to doing the party Friday the 17th.

To give you some history:
- Last year I had a house party at Becca's and rented a karaoke machine.
- The year before that we went ice skating at The Depot and then to Grumpy's .
- The year before that we all went to the Stardust Lanes. Bowling was supposed to occur, but cocktails and karaoke intervened. (I'm starting to see that there is a karaoke theme that needs to be disposed of.)

I was thinking about renting out the Titanic Lounge at Kieran's, and buying a keg of Guinness. Mixed drinks and food would be buy-your-own (not classy, I know, but I only have so much to spend!).

I need some more ideas. I want something fun. Something rowdy. Anything involving go-karts is fully approved.

Posted December 8, 2002 10:44 PM



have it be a faux bachelorette party-dress you up in something strange, like they do to brides-to-be, then parade you around to different bars.

cheap( in fact, this should be damn near free for you considering how many free drinks you'll get ), different (who pretends to be a bride-to-be? nobody, 'cept crazy people and you), and attention-getting (if you wear one of those shirts that have life savers stuck on and one of those crazy tiaras).

if you can't tell, I was entertained watching a bachelorette party this weekend :-)

The most monumental celebrations always start with a parade. Find a friend who has a convertable (or a pickup you can build a shoddy float on the back of). Give other friends random musical instruments. Get drinkin' early. Plot out a parade route by finding streets that you can clog up without causing too much havoc. Then, just start paradin'. The car drives as slow as possible, people march in front and behind it, and Meghan (in a formal gown, of course, with a sash that says Birthday Girl) just sits up on the back of the car and waves to bewildered pedestrians. As long as you don't have open containers and the marchers aren't being violent, the likely worst case scenario is that the police ask you to stop. The best case scenario is that random pedestrians join in the march and you have your own birthday parade.

A birthday parade? Now you're talkin'!

if you see my sister over the holidays ask her about the new adult go kart track....unless you've already heard about it-I guess they're super fast and fun. 18+ An idea, though hard to compare with a birthday parade.

Don't forget that I have the fake cake from Emily's wedding -- instant cake on a stick to lead the parade. Although the chances of it getting ruined are pretty great..........what with all you kids being drunk and all.