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Feeling Negative

When I turned 18, my mom gave me all my old baby journals as a gift. There is an entry sometime around the age of 8 or 9 where my mom says something along the lines of, "Meghan is working on her math homework. She says she hates math and she wishes it would die."

Tonight, I was over at my parents' house doing some laundry and studying for the GRE (yes, I realize how pathetic it is to do your laundry at your parents' house at the age of 27), and I actually put my face right up to Chapter 2 of the study guide and yelled, "I DON'T CARE WHICH OF THESE FRACTIONS IS GREATER THAN .44! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" So now I'm thinking I either need to get Good Will Hunting to come tutor me, or I need to sign up for a Kaplan class.


Posted December 5, 2002 11:43 PM



It's really not that bad if you follow the tutorials in the book. This is coming from someone whose parents would have said, when I was 8, "Buddha says he hates math and wishes it would suffer long days of pain before dying a horrible death in the 18th level of hell...we're actually very scared of him."

I am following the tutorials...and I got 8/15 on the first practice test. Ack!

Honestly Meg- I was studying for the GMAT and thought at one point that I could actually burn the books...burn them so I could have the last say.

If I ever - EVER - see a question involving the speed of two trains... I will answer:
D: the trains crash and this test sucks.

I took LSATs without Kaplan. Did good enough to get into next-to-upper echelon schools.

Let's talk GMAT. I did take the Kaplan GMAT course. It was the best $1200 I ever spent if I had ever taken the actual exam.

Seriously, take the Kaplan GRE course.


see, that's a problem.