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What Comes After 4?

Five Things:

1. I did some work for my dad this weekend and I now understand why they say you should never work with your family. Clients are hard enough to deal with, but when the client is your dad?! Holy crap.

2. I got a Best Buy gift certificate from my new boss and I bought a DVD player with it. I can't believe I bought myself something so big right before Christmas, but I like, totally deserve it. Crossroads special features, anyone?

3. I watched Amelie on my new DVD player last night. It makes me want to move to Paris, become a waitress, and find an eccentric boy with a scooter to fall in love with. It already made me go and have my bangs cut a little too short -- but they'll look better in a couple of days.

4. I got my claddagh rings back from Julie the Jeweler, who repaired their cracks and dents and shined them up so that I hardly recognize them. So why do I have two? When I was in Ireland in 1999, I bought one for me and one for my beau, who gave it back to me when we broke up in 2001. I understand why he gave it back, but at the same time, it's weird to have a gift like that returned. I can't exactly give it to someone new...and I certainly can't throw it away...and it's not like an engagement ring that I can return to a store...so I had it resized and now I have two identical rings. I can either take turns wearing each one, or I can wear them both and pretend like they have powers similar to Wonder Woman's wristcuffs. I did that this morning; it was pretty fun.

5. I'm wearing new pants. Pinstriped pants rule only slightly less than plaid ones.

Posted December 2, 2002 5:08 PM



My, the other Britney is so darn lucky to be kissing with Anson Mount in the Crossroads movie. He is such a honey.

I got a DVD player last week too! It's a Mintek, the pride of Soviet Technology.

You could have fittings put onto the rings and turn them into a funky pair of earings. Yeah pinstripes!

I thought number 5 said "I'm wearing no pants" but alas...

You know what's even more swell than stripped pants or plaid pants? SpongeBob SquarePants. It totally kicks ass.

DVD players work better when you never have to go out of the house. I like netflix. Wow, I sound like a pathetic recluse.