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Nice One, Buddy

I went to see Buddy Wakefield perform last night at the Amazon bookstore. It was amazing. And not only is he a great performer he's a very fun and nice person to boot.

After the show, Thadra, Cyn, Buddy and I went to Chang O'Hara's for a beer and then to an art gallery opening down the street. For some reason, the gallery opening was overpopulated with barely-21 grunge kids. The kind of kids that buy mesh baseball hats and iron-on letters that spell out GUCCI and crap like that. Also the kind that get really drunk and violent.

The gallery is owned by a Sharon Osbourne-esque woman,and rumor has it she wants to do spoken word events there at some point, hence our presence. That and the free beer. It was fun until I, and then Thadra, irritated the most volatile kid (I chastised him for spitting on the floor, Thadra...um...kicked him). He started freaking out, so to avoid a party foul, we took off (Thadra insisting to us over the next couple of hours that she could have kicked his ass).

Bec and I went shopping today, and finally saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Becca was PMS'ing and wanted to go see a romantic comedy, and I've heard nothing but good things about this one (side note: there is a severe lack of quality romantic comedies these days. I've seen nothing but utter crap in the genre. Don't even get me started on Kate and fucking Leopold!).

She wasn't lying, by the way. She was PMSing so bad that she cried during the first preview they showed (I can't remember what it was for, but it was one of those where they flash words on the screen like "Conquer Fear" while an orchestra swells in the background). I mocked her, feeling very superior and hormonally balanced.

That disintegrated when the movie got to the scene where Ian asks Toula to marry him. I turned to Becca and we were both bawling. Bawling! What is that?! I guess even my stony heart has a crack here and there. And honestly, it was one of the sweetest "Will you marry me?" scenes I've ever seen in a movie.

I'm feeling guilty for not going to see Buddy, Cyn and Thadra at Balls tonight.

Posted November 24, 2002 1:50 AM


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You are so right. Most current movies are about men with big guns: a not very subtle metaphor for castration anxiety.

On the Basic Instinct (collector's edition) DVD, there's a very interesting commentary provided by feminist critic Camille Paglia on reasons for the lack of contemporary romances. She makes an appealing argument that extreme political correctness has forced this genre off the screen.

I think that romantic-comedy movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding are inherently flawed in that they market themselves in such a way that they dissuade a male audience from attending. Yet since the largest movie going group is the adolescent male, the romantic-comedy genre condemns itself to an ever contracting circle of inadequate financing and poor attendance. We no longer have romantic movies such as The Seven Year Itch or North By Northwest which can appeal equally to men and women.