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Cute Mute

And I'm not saying anything
You think that I forogt
I'm not saying anything
But I'm thinking a lot

-Sarah Harmer, Weakened State

Posted November 10, 2002 11:00 PM | On This Day: 2004 2003



"You Were Here" is fantastic. Basement Apt. is my current fav. but they're all good.

hell, yeah! i love the whole album. i was just telling mopsa that she needs to buy it.

and...i must give props to mk ultra for introducing me to sarah harmer in the first place...

I remember a late night chat: We past files between us like a joint past during a late-'70s disco party.

I told you about Sarah Harmer. I was feeling sentimental, remembering a Billy Bragg show I saw in Portland. Thought it a good idea to share.


Peace, bread, work and freedom to ya, babe!


In the late '70s...I was super busy with kindergarten, old man. ;)

mmm... nap time and graham crackers.