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Sunday, Sunday.

Went hiking near Taylors Falls today with Juggy and Becca. It was beautiful out: kind of cold if you stood still and kind of warm when we were climbing. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. There's something oddly comforting about falling asleep in the car on the way home from somewhere; makes me feel like a little kid.

The coming week is making me nervous; I meet with the SASE board tomorrow about this fundraising project I've agreed to do. A lot is riding on this (which means me), and I'm feeling the pressure. The possilbility of grad school has me tweaked as well. I need to take the GRE (which isn't required by the University of Oregon, but is by Carnegie Mellon), plus I'd like to visit the two campuses, plus I have no idea how I'm going to pay for this, plus I have to get all my application crap together. Essays...gaah!

I'm surprised at how interested I am in the Carnegie Mellon program: I was sure I wanted to go to Oregon. After all, I've been obsessing over it since April. But the CM program seems really good, much more focused on financial management and other hardcore items which I find sorely lacking in many arts organizations. And sorely lacking in the U of O program as well. However, I have never to my knowledge been obsessed about moving to Pittsburgh. Decisions...gaah!

Now I have to go to bed, as I've promised Cynthia that I'll meet her at the health club at 6:30 in the goddamned morning...gaah!

P.S. I know I still need to update my Poetry, Photos and Links pages. Keep your shorts on...I'll get to it soon.

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Good luck with the GRE's. They are a pain in the arse! I took them over the summer-during NPS no less. What fun. They are a bit different now, having added an essay section in place of the logic section, but the math and verbal are the same. I think I still have my subject study books if you want to borrow them.

Hey, you still need to update your Poetry, Photos and Links pages. And I'm wearing pants, it's too cold for shorts. *shivers*

YES, I want to borrow your study books. Thanks!

Ah, pants, I 'member them...

Which reminds me of a debate I had back in the day...

The commies were runnin' things then...

And then Jimmy Carter got the Nobel Prize and the world got better, somehow...

keep a positive attitude and don't sell Oregon short...