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Do you like my new look? How appropriate that my new costume should go live on Halloween.

I still need to upload all my poetry, and the photos page was too much to handle in one night, but Grid and I managed to get ALL my posts moved over from Blogger, ALL my comments moved over from YACCS, and construct all the necessary templates and such in Movable Type. All this in exchange for some spring rolls, mock duck in black bean sauce, and my undying gratitude.

I'm quite pleased. Oh, and don't forget to update your bookmarks if you're linking to me! Stop using ye olde www.irish-girl.com/home.php.

Posted October 31, 2002 1:28 AM



Your new site is beautiful and a good meal cooked with love is often worth all the money in the world.

XO -

Hey, swell site.

Say, was Paul Wellstone assasinated? What's going on?


i hope good takeout purchased with love is just as valuable...

"Why are you so beautiful?" Sigh... I ask myself the same question every morning. It's not easy being one of the pretty people, is it? Oh the burdens we must bear.

Great look babe. You wear it well. Congrats. MMmmoster Booty. Yeah.

Nice look. You wear it well.

Okay, so you you've hit on one of my Big Concerns:

Does it look like I'm saying "Why are you so beautiful?" about myself?

Because that's not how I mean it and I'm worried it comes off as conceited and lame. Which isn't how I mean it...I just thought it was the coolest graffiti I had ever seen.

I didn't read it that way, honestly, but you know me, I was just poking fun. Speaking of po ... er knowing me ... what the hell does a girl have to do to get on the "people you actually know" list? Huh? I tried sexual favors but you didn't go for it ;)

I think it's great just the way it is. Don't go changin'...

I am SO adding you to my links list! I just haven't gotten around to updating that part yet.

Speaking of the "People you actually know" list--thanks for putting me on it. It made me feel fuzzy and warm and full of that "people you actually know-y" goodness.

So your going to be beautiful for Halloween?
So pretty.... your site is.

mmm. takeout.

<singing>You are so booty-full... to me!</singing>

you are my fountain of youth, sister.

Marty and you did a nice job. Now set him loose on your sister's blog. quick.

not that this is any insult to her-because I'd at least want to meet her before I insulted her taste.