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I saw Lord of the

I saw Lord of the Rings again today. What is it about dirty, sweaty men running around and beating each other up that is so attractive? Combine that with slow motion, and it's an incredible effect. Everyone must be attracted to this, or why would so many movies contain it? Take Gladiator for example. Russell Crowe: beaten down, unshaven, killing things with his bare hands. I swoon. A Beautiful Mind: clean cut, doing math. I'll pass. This is probably in direct conflict with feminist values, but I can't help it.

Tonight was the weekly dinner-at-my-parents' ritual. The funny thing is, now three of my friends show up for dinner, too. And even if my parents aren't home (like tonight) my mom cooks something for us anyway, and we all show up and have dinner together without them. It's like The Walton's except with a lot more swearing.

When I left their house tonight, there was this smell in the air of dirt and wet bark. I got home and the lake was covered in fog and I noticed almost all the snow has melted. I got into this really great mood thinking about how it's going to rain soon and the elm trees will look black, and the ends of the branches will have really bright green buds. That has got to be one of my favorite things ever. That and the slow-motion sweaty guys kicking each others' asses.

Posted April 7, 2002 11:28 PM | On This Day: 2004