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Here follows my half-drunk-after-6-gin-and-tonics-blog: I

Here follows my half-drunk-after-6-gin-and-tonics-blog:

I went to my first poetry slam in a long time tonight. It was absolutely kick ass (thank you Toby for dragging me out tonight, despite the dirty dishes in the sink and the ever-growing list of things to do). Tonight was the team selection slam at Kieran's. The 5 people selected tonight will go to the National Poetry Slam, which is in Minneapolis this year. I'm on the committee. Aren't I special?! Anyway, at some point soon I'll have some actual poetry on my poetry page (ooh! I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat!) but for now, in the spirit of the recently-attended slam, here is a completely non-slamworthy and untitled (lame, I know) piece from a few months ago:

you still owe me
money and
an explanation
but the bill
must seem too high
to pay what i need
to hear too hard to say
the greatest distance
between us is your
arm's length
where i'm waiting
for your mind
to change

In other news: Today, it was pointed out to me at my new job that I am the only "bona fide single person" that works there. There's two other people there that are not married, but one was disqualified as "bona fide" due to a recent divorce, the other because of the inconvenient existence of a girlfriend. My co-workers stated my single status to me (as if I didn't know!) with near-pity (or was it piety?) in their voices, but the whole conversation reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from a Cameron Crowe movie, "Being single. There's a certain...dignity to it."

And that's all she wrote.

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