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I went to First Ave

I went to First Ave on Friday night to see Aesop Rock. I pretty much only saw his set, then took off after that, but it was great. I bought his album yesterday. From a lurker on the fringes of hip-hop, I say it kicks ass.

I also bought the Super Furry Animals, on the recommendation of a few friends. It's a double-CD and I'm not all the way through it, but I really like it so far. I guess they're going to be in town this week; I'm trying to figure out if I can scrape up enough money to go. I'm broke as hell, and digging myself into quite a nice little financial hole. Not to mention, Sloan is also coming to town in a month and I'd like to see them, too. The real quandary is that both bands are coming to The 400 Bar, an expensive place with a crappy layout for live music. It sucks that they have good bands that play there, because if I boycott them I lose out by not seeing the music I like. Bastards! The good news (as pointed out by Becca) is that you can always go get drinks at The Triple Rock beforehand, thus giving less of your hard-earned money to The 400 Bar. Genius!

I rented Lagaan this weekend. Remember my theory about dirty, sweaty men? Add a loincloth and the effect is stunning. I'm in love with Aamir Khan.

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