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Warning! Signs of actual adulthood

Warning! Signs of actual adulthood approaching: I'm going to look at a condo this afternoon. Keep in mind that it's only two doors down from my current apartment, and owning a condo would mean no yardwork, shoveling, or worrying about the roof caving in. So, I'm essentially going from a lease to some kind of weird ownership in part of a building that other people own other parts of. *baby steps*

In other news, I spammed most of my friends and begged them to visit my site and validate my existence. The "Favorite Piece of Feedback Thus Far" award goes to...Randy! He contributed the following constructive criticism:

"You are so FUCKING COOL! I had such a great time reading your little site! That is so FUCKING COOL, did I mention that?

I am proud to say I know you!"

Randy, your check is in the mail.

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