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The condo was lame. My

The condo was lame. My little rental is so much better, so here I stay.

Becca and I went to see a movie about skateboarders tonight. It was a documentary I knew little about, but I made her go (we were originally planning to get our knit on tonight) because ever since 8th Grade I've had this sick obsession with skateboarders (Lys, if you're reading this...can I get a shout of "skater babies!!!"). Anyway, it turned out to be this really great film about the birth of modern-day skateboarding, directed by Stacy Peralta of Powell Peralta (Bones Brigade) fame. For a person who's already squirrelly about skateboarders, this is practically porn.

To be true, I have to say that the storytelling is a little sloppy, but overall it's an amazing look into the origins of boarding. It's narrated by Sean Penn, who is apparently going to star in an upcoming Peralta film about a surfer. And the relationship between surfing and skateboarding's early days is really interesting to learn about. I dunno, skateboarding as it is today is something I pretty much grew up with. So it was cool to see the originators -- the guys who invented pool skating and caught the first air ever. Who knew?! Puts me in the mood to dig out my old VHS copy of Thrashin' I'll tell you what.

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