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My mind wanders. For instance,

My mind wanders. For instance, today I'm having a meeting with this guy, this person I have never met before. Halfway through, my mind gets to this fork in the road: 1/2 of it has to listen, but the other 1/2 is free to go. This is not a full-brainpower conversation. So I'm sitting there, looking at this guy, and I start to wonder: what would my face look like next to his, smiling in a photograph in a frame in his apartment? What if I was his girlfriend? I'm in no way attracted to this person but, what if I was? Would I like that he has little hands? Would I still notice his crooked front tooth? Would I like those shoes he's wearing or would I hide them in the closet hoping he'd forget he owned them?

I'm in love with being alone right now. But every once in a while I miss weird little things, like laying with my head on someone's chest until my neck hurts, or giving someone that look that means, "I'm ready to leave this party now. Are you?" Harrumph.

Thought of the Day: Why the fuck am I watching Glitter?!

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