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Tonight I dared to ask

Tonight I dared to ask the question, "Can a girl go from pink hair to blonde unscathed?"

Tragically, the answer is, "No."

Yes, my experiment went awry and I now have silver hair. I'm straight up Bea Arthur. In many ways, this is both cool and funny. For instance, I now know what my hair will look like in 40-odd years. Mean girls will no longer yell, "Look! It's Pink!" when I walk by. The bad news is, I still have to be in a wedding on Saturday, in which I have to stand next to two of the cutest girls ever, who will have nice normal hair and tight buns. As it stands, I have mother-of-pearl hair and a jiggly booty. I'd like to correct at least one of those things before Saturday (and I hear there's a lot of swelling with that liposuction business, nevermind the fact that it's sick and wrong). So Amy is going to fix my wig* on Thursday, if it doesn't tone down before then. Apparently the toner that is making my hair this color will fade out with shampooing, which I'll be doing a lot of in the coming days.

Maybe I should be tweaking out over this, but as I get older I get more and more used to the fact that many things I do go horribly wrong. It doesn't freak me out as much as it used to. Plus, I'm reading this book on zen. (Cliche, I know! Leave me alone.) Anyway, I just was reading about keeping yourself on an even keel; observing the ebbs and flows of things around you and seeing it against a background of complete stability. I am exceedingly bad at this, and tend to be on the most uneven keel you've ever seen. But, it's an intriguing idea, so I'm practicing this even keel business on my new hairdo. Plus, holy shit! It is really funny. I'll try to get a photo of it soon (now that I've updated to Blogger Pro I can do photos. yee!).

Okay then, time to go. I have to donate blood tomorrow morning. You should, too.

*For the record, I would like to state that I knew it would be a gamble to go from pink to blonde and this snafu in no way reflects poorly on Amy, who has been doing my hair for over four years. Just wanted to make that clear, because Amy rules.

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