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Today I went through an

Today I went through an entire relationship cycle in just 8 hours.

I had to go to a photo shoot for work, and there was this model who was so my type: goofy, gangly, funny, and definitely not gay (unlike my other crush, the bald guy working at Hollywood Video, who keeps scrambling my gaydar, eluding any sexual orientation identification). He wasn't a skateboarder, but I'm willing to overlook that in certain special circumstances. And this...oh, this was a special circumstance.

So, we met this morning and during the first round of photos, I feel deeply in love and enjoyed fantasies of summer romance: quiet nights by the lake, holding hands...and some other things I can't talk about because my mom reads this sometimes. We shared a few glances over a focaccia sandwich and I was flying high. Then, without warning, he starts talking about a girlfriend! Immediately, a little part of me died inside. I knew it was over, and I was filled with sadness. Then I got angry: how could he?! Was it the silver hair that put him over the edge? Am I ugly? Annoying? I was plagued by self-doubt. Who was this mystery woman who had stolen my future husband right out from under my nose? Some things cannot be explained. Happily, by 3:00pm I had entered the "acceptance" stage and now I can say with confidence that I am over him.

I must now bid thee farewell; I have to go see David Sedaris and laugh my fool ass off.

Thought of the day: Photo shoots are fun because sometimes the models take off their pants and change clothes right in front of you and sometimes they're wearing boxer briefs, which are your favorite kind.

Posted April 24, 2002 4:52 PM | On This Day: 2003