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Small pleasure: albums that are

Small pleasure: albums that are good from start to finish. For instance (in no particular order, and I'm sure these selections will arouse anger among many people I know, but I truly enjoy these selections):

Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory. Posers? Perhaps. But you simply can't deny the hard rocking emo that's happening here. It's infuckingfectious.
Spice Girls: Spice. Don't even laugh. In terms of pop, this is flawless. Girl power!
Jesus & Mary Chain: Automatic. Definitely one of my desert island selections. It's been a favorite since I was 16 and has never fallen off the charts.
Sinead Lohan: No Mermaid. You have to listen to understand.

Posted April 26, 2002 1:45 AM | On This Day: 2005