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I got a facial today.

I got a facial today. It feels sort of decadent and bourgeois to say that, but I did. And I really enjoyed it, so screw you. It's good to give yourself presents like that once in a while. Anyway, I'm kind of on a beauty binge right now. Yesterday, for work, I had to go to a bunch of beauty supply/cosmetic stores for research. At Sephora, I bought this cool powder puff with glittery scented powder in it. It's like fairy dust; I can't wait to wear it. Unfortunately, my next big social event is a barbeque in a friend's garage tonight, which may not be the right venue to debut my new find. It seems inappropriate to sparkle while eating potato salad.

But all of this beauty bullshit (and yes, I realize that at the core, it is bullshit) can be really fun. Like playing dress-up. Plus, I think it's possible for my love of manicures to coexist with my feminist ideals. It's possible to want equal pay for equal work and great-looking skin. It's kind of like the working mother vs. stay-at-home mom debate: the whole point is not that one is better than the other, the point is that you get to choose which one is better for you . So, if you don't want to wear makeup, bully for you. I respect that. But hand me the mascara...I'm having fun. To quote Doris Day, "I enjoy being a girl." (Ahhh, Doris. If you've never seen Pillow Talk, you're missing out.)

ooh! Also on my "reseach expedition" yesterday, I bought a rhinestone "M." It's supposed to go on a dog's collar, but I don't have a dog and it's way too cute for a dog, anyway. I'm either going to buy a dog collar for myself and wear it as a necklace (kinky!), make a necklace out of a piece of ribbon and put the M on it (sweet!), or attach the M to the zipper of a coat (sporty!). Or all three, because it's on one of those clippy things so I can move it around.

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